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Terre Haute South Vigo High School challenges all students to develop the skills necessary to become contributing citizens in our multi-cultural society. Students will be critical, independent thinkers as well as self-confident, compassionate human beings who continue to learn throughout life. South High Schools: ISTEP Results, SAT Results. To view a list of our 2004 AP Scholars, please click here.


We promote a curriculum designed to meet goals and help students in areas of problem solving, critical thinking, and becoming a responsible learner by inspiring and challenging students. If you would like to further explore our academic and learning programs at South, please click here, (pdf) to view our Curriculum Guide.

Mission Statement

Terre Haute South Vigo High School, in shared partnership with students, staff, families, and community, will provide a safe and positive atmosphere for learning. All students will be challenged to take responsibility for scholastic achievement and develop independent thinking. We will strive to empower students to become literate and to reach their potential in a diverse, ever changing society.

School Goals
  1. Academic Learning

    Students will demonstrate an improvement in reading comprehension across the curriculum.

  2. Problem Solving

    Students will demonstrate an improvement in problem solving skills across the curriculum