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The Board of School Trustees believes that the public schools are owned and operated by and for its patrons and that the schools become an integral part of the community in terms of its intellectual and social expression and development. To this end, the Board encourages the public use of school facilities.

Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as endorsement of, or approval of, the activity, group, or organization nor the purposes they represent.

1. School facilities shall be available for public use at such times as not required by activities of the school or its auxiliary agencies.

2. Facilities shall be available for the following purposes:

a. For educational, civic, or recreational programs or entertainment and other similar purposes promoting the welfare of the community when sponsored by a responsible citizen or group of citizens.

b. For political meetings sponsored by regularly organized political parties as recognized on the official Indiana ballot.

Any individual or organization wishing to use a school facility shall make written application to the Superintendent or his designee. Applications will be approved or disapproved by the Superintendent or his designee according to written regulations. The procedures to be followed for rental of school facilities shall be printed and made available to all those wishing to use school facilities. The fee schedule will be reviewed annually by the Board of School Trustees.

Adoption Date: November 22, 1976

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