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About Rio Grande
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Rio Grande Elementary
The School Community


Rio Grande is a preK-5th grade school located in the Northern section of Vigo County in Terre Haute, IN. Rio Grande is located at 5555 Rio Grande St.  The school sits on over thirty-two acres of land, which includes a half-mile paved fitness track developed for students as well as a Nature Center that is utilized for science projects.

Students are bused from communities surrounding the school, including Rosedale, Sandcut, and Fontanet, Indiana. The school community includes rural and suburban residents.   During the thirty-nine year history of Rio Grande Elementary School, the enrollment peaked at over seven hundred students.  Currently the enrollment hovers at five hundred forty students.  Rio Grande opened as an Open Concept school in 1972.  The renovations in 2001 changed the school to self-contained classrooms with walls.  Three new classrooms and a gymnasium were added in 2003.

The school staff has been committed to student learning throughout the years.  The thirty-five full time staff members include; one administrator, twenty-six classroom teachers, two special education resource specialists, three paraprofessionals, a librarian, a physical education teachers, and a counselor. Additional staff includes a part time preschool teacher, assistants, ESL assistants, music and art teacher.  Rio Grande was recognized as a Four Star School in 2001 and 2002.  In 2004, the United States Secretary of Education recognized Rio Grande as a NCLB Blue Ribbon School. Parents and community leaders are active participants at Rio Grande.  The school utilizes the services of Indiana State University students as well as students from St. Mary of the Woods College. The Rio Grande community values education. Students from Rio Grande matriculate to Otter Creek Middle School and continue at North High School.


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