About Fuqua Elementary School

About Fuqua Elementary School
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Blanche E. Fuqua ElementarySchool

 1111 Wheeler Avenue

Terre Haute, Indiana  47802


We currently have more than 375 students enrolled at Fuqua, with more than 20 teachers and 10 teaching assistants on staff. Support staff includes Foster Grandparents and two English as a Second Language assistants. Fuqua offers a clean, bright and well-maintained facility with a large campus and spacious off-street areas for safe arrivals and dismissals. Serving the southwest section of Terre Haute, it is a dynamic school with a positive approach to education.

Fuqua underwent a major renovation project that began in January, 2000. Phase I and Phase II updated our heating and air conditioning system. We also added a new media center and lab. New computers and projectors were also purchased and ready for each classroom in August, 2010.  Our Final Phase was completed in 2012-2013 and we added a new computer lab, gymnasium and preschool room.

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