Metadot Tech Tips For Our Teachers

Metadot Tech Tips For Our Teachers
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Once the Dixie Bee Homepage is loaded, click on the “Meet the Beekeepers” link on the left side of the page. (Mrs. Cassell click the “Meet the Principal” link instead)
Find the link with your name and click it. This will pull up your classroom website.
As soon as this is loaded, click either “login” or “my website” at the bottom right of the page.
A box will then pop up asking for your email and password. Be sure to include “” after your initials.
This will log you in and give you permission to edit your site.
 You will next need to click the “enable editing” button. (bottom center of the page)
Once this loads, you will see small blue “edit” buttons above each section. Click the button on the section you wish to edit, make your changes, and then click the “save” button at the bottom right corner of the page.
The editing features work much like a Microsoft Word document.
A couple points to be aware of… if you wish to tab something, you must use the space bar.   Be aware of the “autocorrect” feature. Your page may not appear exactly as it appears in the edit mode.
Once everyone is familiar with this, I can give additional training on adding “gizmos” such as images, links, calendars etc…
                                                                   -Todd Warren
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