School Improvement

School Improvement
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Student Surveys:
Words of the Week
Group A Group B
Atone -- To make amends
Cascade -- Resembling a waterfall
Baleful -- Threatening; ominous Palisade -- A fortification of timbers
Bland -- Lacking flavor Fusillade -- A rapid Outburst
Devoid -- Entirely without Parable -- A simple story
Diminution -- Reduction Paradigm -- A model
Ethereal -- very light; heavenly Patriarch -- A leader
Lackadaisical -- Showing lack of interest Maladroit -- Clumsy; inept
Mammoth -- Huge; gigantic Malaise -- A feeling of becoming ill
Purblind -- Having poor vision Malice -- A desire to harm others
Replete -- Full Malodor -- A bad odor
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