Meet the Beekeepers

Meet the Beekeepers
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We are in for many changes this upcoming school year.  Please stay tuned for updates!  Click on the staff member's name to visit their website.

Mrs. Cassell

Office Staff

Mrs. Cooper
Mrs. Myers

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Norris

Ms. Schopmeyer


Miss Jones
Miss. Ford
Mrs. Deady
Mrs. Rader
Ms. Condon

Third Grade
Mrs. Nasser
Mrs. Noble
Mrs. Lammey
Ms. Cornelison
Mrs. Cox
First Grade

Ms. Hendrix
Ms. Cottom
Mr. Warren
Ms. Myers
Mrs. Chaney
Fourth Grade

 Mrs. Bennett
Ms. Ralston
Mrs. Engle
Mrs. Runyan
Second Grade

Mr. Moss 
Mrs. Beaumont
Mrs. Thornton
Mrs. Fendrick
Mrs. Wheaton
Mrs. Chalos

Fifth Grade

 Mrs. Dillion
Mrs. Scamihorn
Mrs. Lawler
Mrs. Fuqua
Mrs. Smiddy

Special Needs

Mrs. Eldridge
Mrs. Cristee
Miss Small

Physical Education

Mr. Lonneman

Ms. Martindale

 Mrs. Veit
 Ms. Orman
 Mrs. Deardorf

Music & Art

 Mrs. Fenton
 Mrs. Schultz

Janitorial Staff

 Mrs. Morris
 Mr. Velez
 Mr. Orman
 Mr. White


Health Assistant

Mrs. Rawls


Miss Rector

Media Center

Mrs. Kelly

Education/Lunchroom/Recess Assistants

Mrs. Fleming
 Miss Little

Functional Room Assistants

 Mrs. Pruitt
 Mrs. Pinkston

 Mrs. Mills
Mrs. Bauer
Mrs. Goodwin
 Mrs. Campbell

Teaching Assistants

 Ms. Gummere
 Ms. Hummel

 Dixie Bee's Security Police Officer-

Officer Jay Gelinas
Foster Grandparents

Grandma Bunny
Grandma Linda
Grandma Dorothy
Grandma Evelyn
Grandma Rosie

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