A meeting of the Board of School Trustees of the Vigo County School Corporation was held at the Administration Building, 686 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana on the 13th day of September 2004 at 7:12 P.M.


The following Board Members were present:  Dr. Joseph Minnis, Mr. Kenneth Schuster, Mr. Michael Tom, Mr. Mel Burks, Mr. Gene Shike, Mr. Alferd Hamblen, and Mr. Guille Cox.


Information from Superintendent Tanoos


Superintendent Tanoos commented on activities and open houses that have been taking place in the Vigo County School Corporation during the last two weeks.


First Call for Citizen Comments




Consent Agenda


Mr. Schuster moved for approval of the Consent Agenda.  Mr. Hamblen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


The following Consent Agenda items were approved:


            1.            Minutes – Public Hearing – 2005 Budget – August 23, 2004

            2.            Minutes – Regular Meeting – August 23, 2004

            3.            Professional Leave Requests

            4.            Gift – Woodrow Wilson Middle School – Ninety-eight Salty Seamon

                        Prints – Salty Seamon Estate (Mr. Turk Roman Executor)




Dr. Karen Goeller, Mrs. Holly Pies, and Mrs. Amy Laswell shared information about the

K-12 Health and Nutrition Curriculum and the health grant.


New Business


Personnel Report


Mr. Tanoos presented the Personnel Report for approval.


Mr. Hamblen moved for approval of the Personnel Report.  Mr. Burks seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Attendance Policy (Third Reading)


Mr. Azar presented the revision of Attendance Policy JED for approval.


Mr. Cox moved for approval, and Mr. Burks seconded the motion.


Discussion ensued about the wording in A-1-a.  Mr. Cox then withdrew his motion for approval and Mr. Burks withdrew his second.


Dr. Minnis moved to strike the words “knowledge or” from Item A-1-a so that it would read as follows:  Failing to attend school or class without the consent of the parent/guardian or school official.  Mr. Shike seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Purchase of Audio Visual Equipment for the Three New Elementary Schools

(Sugar Creek Consolidated, Fayette, and Franklin)


Mr. Tanoos reported that bids were received and opened on August 24, 2004 for the purchase of Audio Visual Equipment for the three (3) new elementary schools.  He recommended that contracts be awarded to Central Indiana Marketing for $49,623.00, and Shoemaker Motion Pictures for $11,090.00, and that all other bids be rejected.


Mr. Shike moved for approval.  Mr. Schuster seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Terre Haute Women’s Club Shoe Bus Project


Mr. Tanoos requested permission for the Terre Haute Women’s Club to continue the use of the storage area at the former Maple Avenue School Building, and for the continuation of the Shoe Bus Project for the 2004-2005 school year.


Mr. Shike moved for approval.  Mr. Hamblen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Gifted/Talented Grant


Mr. Tanoos requested approval of the new Gifted/Talented Grant for the 2004-2005 school year from the Indiana Department of Education.


Mr. Schuster moved for approval.  Mr. Hamblen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.




Second Call for Citizen’s Comments


Comments were received from Mr. Bernard Ridens and Mr. Jim Lowe.


Information and Proposals from Board Members


Mr. Cox commended Mr. Lisby’s Placement Report on statistics as to how our high school graduates are being placed and what they are doing.  He commented that educating our students and getting them launched as constructive citizens with wage earning positions or continuing education is what we are all about.


Mr. Shike stated that Mr. Schuster has advanced to Level 2 for attending core meetings with Indiana School Boards Association, and Dr. Minnis, as a Master School Board Member, has moved forward to 411 points.  Mr. Shike expressed congratulations to both Board Members.  Dr. Minnis then stated that Mr. Shike also recently became a Master School Board Member.


Dr. Minnis asked if it would be possible to have the highway department put a sign on Hwy. 40 pointing toward Sugar Creek Consolidated School.


Superintendent Tanoos responded that Mr. Danner would contact the State Highway Department.


Mr. Shike said that he noticed that there was a lot of water in the southwest corner passing over the track at South Vigo High School and asked Mr. Danner if he brought the plats that he requested for this evening.


Mr. Danner responded that he is still waiting for information from the contractor/subcontractor, but has information about the design.  Mr. Danner read information from Lorenze, Williams and Clinton about the design which explains that during significant rain there would be an overflow and a flowing of the water across the track just as would happen with any hard surface, and the intent of the design is to drain the perimeter of the area in such a way that it would percolate down and move away from the track after the rain event.


Adjournment:  8:24 P.M.



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