FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2004

3:00 P.M.



A special meeting of the Board of School Trustees of the Vigo County School Corporation, Vigo County, Indiana, was held at the Administration Building, 686 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana, on the 14th day of May 2004 at 3:00 P.M.


The following Board Members were present:Mr. Guille Cox, Dr. Joseph Minnis, Mr. Kenneth Schuster, Mr. Michael Tom, Mr. Mel Burks, Mr. Gene Shike, and Mr. Alferd Hamblen.


Pledge of Allegiance


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dr. Joseph Minnis.


First Call for Citizenís Comments


(no comments were received)


Old Business


Recommendation to Change 401(a) Vendor for the Vigo County School Corporation


Mr. Orr stated that the Vigo County School Corporation Benefits Committee recommends that Clifton Gunderson Financial Services/Principal Financial Group be approved as the new 401(a) vendor and responded to questions from Board Members.


Mr. Burks moved for approval.Mr. Hamblen seconded the motion.


Mr. Shike said that with a large amount of money being handled with a group he is not anxious to jump into something quickly.He noted that he has received several calls and also received a call from Mr. McQueen that raised some questions.Mr. Shike stated he wants to be sure he has all the information he needs before making a decision, and prefers to ask the person responsible.He commented that Mrs. Llewellyn was told not to come to the meeting.


Mr. Shike also inquired if we have fiduciary insurance.Mr. Orr responded that the school corporation does have fiduciary insurance.


Mr. Cox stated that it is regrettable that a scurrilous phone call questioned a fine personís integrity and the file presented tonight puts these scurrilous allegations to rest.


Mr. Burks said he commented last Monday that he hoped it wasnít one individual taking the corporation hostage, and come to find out it was.He commented it is regrettable and apologized to the committee.Mr. Burks said it is important that the Board understands that we have to have trust.He said it came down to either trusting the employee committee, or the one person who made the allegations, and he said that is regrettable.Mr. Burks stated that the micromanaging has to stop, because this is a governing Board who is supposed to have trust in the administration.Mr. Burks said at this time it is his belief that the Board is out of bounds.


Mr. Schuster commented that he felt like he was asked to do something that he did not have enough information to deal with at the time.He said doubt was raised in his mind that the possibility of something improper existed, and he felt like he needed more time to get it straight.


Dr. Minnis said to insinuate that some Board Members did not have confidence in the committee would be totally misinterpreting what happened.He noted that they were not trying to over rule the committee.There was information that they were told the committee did not have at the time they made their decision, and if that information had turned out to be true they made the right move. Dr. Minnis said he didnít see that three or four days were that important.He commented that what he did regret is that it apparently reflected on an individual, which is the last thing we wanted to have happen.


Mr. Burks said he understood what Dr. Minnis was saying, but it is his belief that if you weigh the balance of what has taken place in the last several days including last Monday, you are talking about a committee of more than 20 balanced against one, and to him that is taking the trust of one over the trust of more than 20.He commented that the employees of the corporation put trust in the judgment of the Board, and he believes that some of that is now lost.


The motion to approve Clifton Gunderson Financial Services/Principal Financial Group as the 401(a) vendor for the Vigo County School Corporation passed unanimously.




Second Call for Citizenís Comments


(no comments were received)


Information and Proposals from Board Members


Dr. Minnis noted that he wanted to apologize again to Mrs. Llewellyn because he has known her for years, and knows her to be totally ethical in everything she does.He commented that he didnít know she was involved in this procedure at the time, and regrets any reflection on her, because it should be just the opposite.


Mr. Tanoos asked the Board to direct him as to who should come to the Board Meetings and who should not.He stated that to subject Mrs. Llewellyn to questioning at the last Board Meeting is something we have not done in the past.Mr. Tanoos said he did not receive a phone call from any Board Members expressing a concern after they received their packets.


Mr. Shike said when a large amount of money is spent on building projects, the people involved are asked to attend Board Meetings in case there are questions they need to answer.


Mr. Tom stated that there was a committee that interviewed and questioned the vendors, and to have vendors re-open everything we do could create another problem.


Mr. Hamblen stated that he did not realize during the previous meeting that Mrs. Llewellyn was involved.He commented that he has known Mrs. Llewellyn for a number of years.He said her presence, or not, makes no difference because there was an overwhelming vote to accept this. Either we take the committee at their word or we donít.



Adjournment:††† 3:30 P.M.







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