MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2004

7:00 P.M.







A meeting of the Board of School Trustees of the Vigo County School Corporation, Vigo County, Indiana, was held at the Administration Building, 686 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, Indiana, on the 12th day of April 2004 at 7:00 P.M.


The following Board Members were present:  Mr. Mel Burks, Mr. Gene Shike, Mr. Alferd Hamblen, Mr. Guille Cox, Dr. Joseph Minnis, Mr. Kenneth Schuster, and Mr. Michael Tom.


Pledge of Allegiance


Mr. Alferd Hamblen led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Information from Superintendent Tanoos


Superintendent Tanoos briefly touched on the many different events that took place during the last two weeks.


First Call for Citizens Comments


(No Comments Were Received)


Consent Agenda


Mr. Hamblen moved for approval of the Consent Agenda. Mr. Schuster seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


The following Consent Agenda items were approved:


            1.            Minutes – Regular Meeting – March 22, 2004


            2.            Reappointment of Mr. Pierce to the Indiana Commission on Vocational and

                        Technical Education.


            3.            Professional Leave Requests


            4.            Gift


                        Monetary donation of $1,000.00 to the Vigo County School Corporation to

                        purchase two-way radios for use in school safety – Pastor Simmons, Salt of

                        the Earth Worship Center.


New Business


Personnel Report


Mr. Tanoos presented the Personnel Report for approval. 


Mr. Hamblen moved for approval.  Mr. Burks seconded the motion. Considerable discussion took place, after which Dr. Minnis moved that Item XI-16 be pulled from the report.  Mr. Shike seconded the motion.  Mr. Shike, Mr. Cox, Dr. Minnis, and Mr. Schuster voted “yes.”  Mr. Burks, Mr. Hamblen, and Mr. Tom voted “no.”  The motion to remove Item XI-16 from the Personnel Report passed.


Mr. Hamblen moved for approval of the Personnel Report minus Item XI-16.  Mr. Burks seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Resolution – Greenwood School Property


Mr. Bauer stated that it has been discovered that the Vigo County School Corporation only conveyed approximately one-half of the Greenwood School lots to Western Indiana Community Action Agency in 1997, and presented a Resolution, which would encompass the remainder of the lots and executes the Deed to the remainder of the lots.


Mr. Shike moved for approval.  Mr. Schuster seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Purchase of Classroom Furniture (Section I) for the Three New Elementary Schools


Mr. Tanoos stated that bids were received and opened on March 23, 2004, for general furniture and loose equipment for the three new elementary schools.  He requested permission that contracts be awarded to eight (8) vendors for a total cost of $217,901.85, and requested that all other bids be rejected.


Mr. Schuster moved for approval.  Mr. Cox seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


(See Proceedings)


Mathematics Textbook Adoption (General/Special Education)


Mr. Tanoos requested permission to adopt the textbooks listed in the Board Packet for General/Special Education classes.  He noted that teachers and parents have been invited to preview the books.


Mr. Hamblen moved for approval.  Mr. Schuster seconded the motion.


(See Proceedings)




Second Call for Citizen’s Comments


Comments were received from Ms. Laura Hale, Mrs. Roseanne Scott-Worrell, Mr. Mike Worrell, Mr. Tom Fagin and Miss Jessica Hayworth.


Information and Proposals from Board Members


Mr. Cox stated that the Board received a report on the Smaller Learning Communities Grant regarding the GEMS Project.  He commended the report and asked for clarification on only one sentence.  Mr. Tanoos responded that Dr. Goeller would report back to Mr. Cox regarding his question.


Mr. Burks requested additional information regarding the concerns expressed by citizens this evening.


Mr. Cox explained that whenever questions or concerns are brought to the Board at a Board Meeting, although they cannot respond at that time, there is always follow-up.


Mr. Tom concurred with Mr. Cox, and noted that every week the Board receives a mailing from Superintendent Tanoos updating them on issues


Superintendent Tanoos stated that the administration would bring back to the April 26th Board Meeting material on cell phone usage, as well as the recommendation for suspension and expulsion in reference to the Drug Policy.  These items will be brought to the Board as discussion items.


Adjournment:  8:05 P.M.







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